The Liebster Award


First of all, I want to truly thank for nominating me and I am more than delighted that I can meet new bloggers and  ideas.

If you want to know more about Liebster award:


1. You could be something today, something to make you proud, what would you be?

I would be a successful woman in communication, art and culture field and I would be a well-known person for charity.

2. Why did you start blogging?

I wanted to start a blog because I like writing and reading articles. I had and I have many ideas that I can share with others. Blogging is a great experience.

3. What would make you happy?

A world where smiles and happiness would be our money, a world where people would be a happy and a good one with each other.

4. What is one thing you can’t live without at the moment?

I cannot live without my notebooks because there I have all my thoughts and important information regarding my  passions.

5. The book or the movie?

I prefer books to movies, but sometimes I feel like I want to watch a good movie.

6.Do you have pets? If no, pick one would you like to have.

I had a dog, but an elderly woman killed him.  I had a German Shorthaired Pointer. Personally, I love all the animals because they, like people,  keep this world beautiful.

7. Share your favorite blog and describe in 3 words why?  She writes very clear, has amazing ideas and knows how to describe everything with the most suitable words.

8. Describe yourself in 3 words

Ambitious,  resourceful, positive

9. Mountain or sea/ocean?

I would love to be surrounded  by both. But I think I like the ocean/sea more.

10. What  do you do to relax?

In order to relax I listen to music, I read articles regarding art, culture, PR, I practice jogging/fitness, I discuss or debate ideas, events with my friends  or I just watch a movie or I read a book.

 11. Favorite scent/perfume

I have so many favorite perfumes, but now I use J’adore from Dior.

I want to nominate, and

My questions for you are:

1. Can you describe yourself in five words? Tell us.

2. What are your passions?

3. What is your favorite movie and book?

4.  Why do you have a blog?

5. Do you practice any sport?

6. What is your big dream?

7. Do you have a favorite culture?

8. Do you like traveling? Why ?

9. What is your opinion about school?

10.  Do you have an object that you cannot live without it? Why ?

11. Do you have a favorite word or quotation?

Of course, you must follow some rules:

Thank the person who has nominated you and link her blog in your post.
Answer the questions above.
Nominate 5-11 blogger, who have less than 200 followers.
Make a new list with 11 questions.
Put these rules in your post.
Inform the blogger you have nominated.


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